Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Engage or not to Engage

Lately I've started to question whether I really need to wear my engagement ring every day.  My wedding ring, yes, but the jewels--no?  I am a person who is naturally self-conscious, which may or may not describe many people and their jewelry and/or accoutrements.

A plain gold or platinum band really says it all, in my opinion.  I'm married.  Period.  Most of the time I just wear my engagement ring.  I'm sure this creates the question (if anyone catches a glimpse) of whether I am engaged, married, or simply have a sparkly ring on my left ring finger.  On the other hand, there really is a mystery in a simple band (milgrained if you feel a little fancy).

There is also a security factor that goes along with wearing a wedding band for the majority of the time.  I'm sure others have had that panic of thinking one's engagement ring had been misplaced.  I often take mine off before I take a shower, go to bed or wash the dishes.  I have a routine, but it still freaks me out a bit.  Personally sometimes the only thing I notice about someone is their engagement ring. The other day at a conference I couldn't stop staring at the huge rock on the presenter's finger.  This beautiful woman (and ring) worked for the IRS, and wow.  You really wonder how some people can act normal with small fortunes decorating their person day-in and day-out (at the IRS no less!).

(Picture Source: Tiffanys.com)


  1. You know; I went through something similar during my first year of marriage. I now wear my engagement ring if we are going out or for his work function. If nothing special is happening I just wear my wedding band. I agree that a wedding band states that you're married, simple and understatedly. Is that a word? I've been on a making up my own word kick; but I digress. LOL Great post. :-)

  2. I am entirely sympathetic. I share the hesitance to wear "my jewels" everywhere I go.
    In fact I wear my wedding band alone 80% of the time and when I wear my engagement ring I refrain from wearing the wedding band. I rarely, if ever, wear them together. At first I worried that my spouse would find this disappointing or misunderstand my choice. Thankfully, he does not mind. And I've assuaged any sheepish feelings of guilt by purchasing a lovely little Limoges jewelry tray in which to store the unworn ring.